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Star Buffet, headquartered in Scottsdale, was created in 1997 as a spin off from CKE Restaurants (which owns Carl's Junior). The spin off traded with the symbol STRZ. The IPO raised $36M at $12 per share. The portfolio consisted of 16 HomeTown Buffets and two Casa Bonita restaurants..

CKE sold its "JB's Restaurants" to "Santa Barbara Restaurant Group" which in turn divested of its JB Restaurant holdings.

Star Buffet appears to have reverted to the name JB's Restaurant. They closed the Casa Bonita in Tulsa, but kept the one in Denver.

Stars Buffet has acquired a variety of family style restaurants. The company likes to keep the original restaurant name. Its portfolio included the following names: Casa Bonito, JB's Restaurant, Country Kitchen, Pecos Diamond Steakhouse, Bar H Steahouse, Rancher's Grill, Finnegans, Antlers Restaurant, 4B's, 4 Aces Casino, BuddyFreddy's, and Barnhills.

The stock was trading over the counter at $0.82 when I wrote this in Dec 2012.

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