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Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the capitol of Arizona State and seat of Maricopa County.

The town of Phoenix was founded by Jack Swilling, a veteran of the Confederacy, who visited the area in 1867 and saw the potential for agriculture near the confluence of the Salt and Gila Rivers. A member of his company who called himself Lord Darrell Duppa suggested the name "Phoenix" as the area contained ruins left by the various natives who had lived in the area in past eras.

With the arrival of the train in the 1880s, Phoenix became a center of trade. Arizona moved the territorial capital from from Prescott to Phoenix in 1889. Phoenix became the state capitol on February 14, 1912 when the state was admitted into the union.

The population of Phoenix has grown at a rapid rate since the invention of the air conditioner. The 2010 population of Phoenix City was 1,445,632. The population of the Phoenix Metropolitan area in 2010 was 4.3 million, making it the 12th most populated city in the United States.


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