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Fiesta Mall

Fiesta Mall was a regional mall in Mesa at 1445 W Southern Avenue. The Mall was conceived in 1970 and opened in 1979 with an investment from Sears.

The Mall had 1 million square feet of retail space and was a commercial success in the 1990s as it attracted traffic from throughout the South Valley.

The decline began with the construction of Arizona Mills in Tempe followed by fierce competition from the Internet.

The anchors stores began closing. There was fear of increased crime in the area and the Mall continued to decline.

As I understand Dimension Finacial purchased the primary mall space with the intent of transforming it into a medical/education complex. Some of the anchor stores may remain.

The Video below was made by a person doing Retail Archeology. I created this page because I think we should record these things before they close.


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