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Jake Parker

Jake Parker is Phoenix based artist who is noted for starting the inkTober hashtag event and the Society for Visual Learning which offers online classes in drawing.

Commercial Break: You can find many of Mr. Parker's books on Amazon. Characters introduced by Parker include Sparrow, Little Bot and the Little Snowplow.

He also worked on several big budget animated films including an animated version of Horton Hears a Who.

Jake Parker started the #inktober hash tag challenge in 2009. The challenge was to draw an image a day during the month of October. The goal is simply to provide an opportuntity for people to improve their inking skills.

In the first several years, people were encouraged to draw whatever they wanted. In 2016, he started published an optional list of prompts for the challenge.

The video talks about the importance of finishing the works on starts.

Note, I am considering taking the inktober challenge on Creative Coin.

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