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GoDaddy is the world's largest domain register. The company offers a variety of web related services including web hosting and TLS Certificates. The company also has an active market for people seeking to sell their domain names.

If you own a domain, you can create an unlimited number of email addresses for that domain which you can point to different email services.

IMHO, anyone who is active on the web should get their own domain name. You can use the domain for email addresses. Many web social media sites let people point subdomains to their primary service. For example, I point the subdomain to the tumblr service.

GoDaddy supplements its domain registration with web hosting including specific products for email hosting and word press hosting.

TSL/SSL Certificates

If you wish to add security to your site, you can buy TSL/SSL Certificates. This is a system of public/private key encryption. Unfortunately, the certificates cost too much for information related sites like this, but are a must for commerce sites.

TSL stands for Transport Layer Security. This standard replaced a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), but everyone still uses the old acronym as it is hard to teach old geeks new acronyms.

Domain Auctions

Domain names can be valuable. GoDaddy has the world's largest and most active domain auction system. The auction lets you browse through the site to see current auction prices. You can bid on domains and even sell the domains you own.

It is not necessary to move the domain to GoDaddy before selling; However, I've found that if you buy or sell domains on GoDaddy, the transaction is smoother if you transfer the domain to GoDaddy first; otherwise, you have to send multiple emails with the guy who sold the domain to coordinate the domain transfer.

GoDaddy Commercials

GoDaddy is noted for its quirky commercials. But I decided to show a video about their efforts to recruit Veterans.

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