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Nextiva Fax

Being the office nerd, I often found myself relegated to unpleasant duties like tending the company fax machine. The fax machine would twirl away throughout the day as I tended all the paper jams and telephone connection problems of the fax machine.

Personally, I stopped using the fax machine the second that I realized I could attach an image to an email, but many important documents still require signatures and faxing.

Nextiva is a Scottsdale based program that offers cloud based telephony products including Nextiva Fax which allows you to do all of your faxing anywhere in the world online.

Cloudbased faxing allows you to interface with services that require fax capabilities without the cost of buying a fax machine or the hassles of maintaining one.

Like the Nextiva VoIP service, you send and receive your faxes from anywhere in the world with free number porting and call management.

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