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Inktober is an annual Internet drawing event started by Jake Parker in 2009. The event challenges people to draw a picture a day for a month. The event was designed by professional artists who wanted a fun challenge that would help them improve their drawing skills.

A few years ago I discovered that, with all of my years typing on a keyboard, I had lost the ability to write in pen much less draw. So I bought a glass dip pen and some India ink. A glass dip pen is a notoriously difficult instrument to use. Unlike traditional pens, one can't change the width of a stroke by pushing down harder or letting up for thin lines. So, I figured that I should start with a hard instrument.

Personally, I think that gel pens are the best drawing pens for newbies. I've been buying my art supplies online at MisterArt as they have great prices on a huge selection of supplies. As for paper, I bought a ream of archival quality inkjet paper at the office supply store. Inkjet paper does a great job holding the ink.

I will be posting my images on CreativeCoin. This is a tribe in the HIVE ecosystem. Posts on Creative Coin earn the CCC coin and the HIVE coin. This is a popular cryptocurrency.

The best way to join HIVE is to use the Hive Onboard tool. If you join HIVE let me know and I will give your account a delegation.

The Official InkTober Video

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