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Phoenix Center for the Arts

Phoenix Center for the Arts is a tax-payer funded non-profit that promotes art in Maricopa County.

The group is holding a Kickstarter Campaign what might be the organization's most important project in it's history. The project is called I've Changed.

About the Project

For eight golden years, America had reached the pinnacle of civilization and there was even great hope that mankind might evolve beyond the oppressive patriarchy with the election of the nation's first female president.

But the hopes of a thousand generations were shattered when Donald Trump conspired with Vladmir Putin to use racism to subvert democracy.

So, instead of experiencing a utopia the people, in a new dark are, are reeling from ever changing truths.

To record this collapse of civilization, the Phoenix Arts Center is recording morose actors talking about how they are reeling under the yoke of ever changing truth.

The center is running a Kickstarter Campaign that ends on 2018-02-03 that brings this project to market. The widget below has the details:

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